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Good start


The new year starts in 2021. I hope you have the energy to work hard, the courage to forge ahead, 
and the courage to insist that castle peak will not relax and work hard. New year's day, let's continue to struggle and forge ahead!

2020 Spring Canton fair Live Show
Due to the COVID-19, The Spring canton fair will be held online. We will have our products online show and Live broadcast.  Welcom to visit our show. Show Time: 15th. June to 24th. June.
How to promote drainage in double 11 promotion
Analysis of the impact of the new crown epidemic on China's employment and entrepreneurship in 2020
2019 Spring Fairs are coming
2019 Spring Fairs are coming and we would like to inform you that we will attend exhibitions and please refer to the details as follow:
Wish everyone has a wonderful beginning
In 2019, a new voyage will set sail! Everything recovers at the beginning of the New Year.