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Is the sound quality of a vinyl record really different from that of a CD?


CD adopts the way of recording Bai in binary digital 01, and its recording content is essentially different from that of analog recording. Compared with the master tape, the amount of information in any recording is more or less missing. But digital CDs have a higher loudness and a more obvious representation of sound details.

The black glue basically adopts the analog recording form, which is consistent with the content recorded by the analog recording master tape. However, there will be loss in the transmission of master tape and equipment in the transcription process, and noise and distortion will be introduced during playback. The noise is usually caused by dust, scratch and static electricity, and the distortion is due to poor needle adjustment and deviation from tangent, which is especially obvious in the inner ring.

Therefore, both have their own advantages, and the sound quality of different equipment is also different.

Is the sound quality of a vinyl record really different from that of a CD?
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